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Registering is very simple. All you need is to fill in your name, email and requested password. Our customer service representatives will contact you  promptly in order to confirm your account Using the catalog Using the catalog is quick and simple. You can filter your preferences by using the top bar or the left bar. The top bar will enable you to filter your preferences by the item type, the metal, the stone and the price range. For example you can ask for all the rings in silver with opal from 10 to 30 USD The left bar will enable you to filter your preferences by the metal and then by the item type. In order to select an item from your results, please add the qty and size (If applicable) and click add to cart. The item will be added to your cart.

You can see your purchase status at all times on the top left of the catalog that indicated how many items you have purchased and what ithe total amount of your cart is. You may see further details of the item by clicking the items picture, this will lead you to the full properties of the item where you may add the qty and size and add it to your cart. You can also print the item image from this page and view the rest of the items from this collection

You can also see our special offers and our new arrivals by using the links at the top right of the catalog. If you wish to view your purchase history, please use the personal catalog link at the top right of the page.


Checking out
At the checkout page you can see the details of your order as well as the total. You can change the amount of pieces per item and you can remove the item if you wish as well by clicking the remove button. You can add remarks in the remarks in the remarks column. You can see the calculated total price and the shipping and insurance price.

Please fill in the shipping information on the bottom left and send us the order using the send button on the buttom of the cart. Our customer service representative will contact you for payment and approve your order.  If you have any special remarks you can fill them in in the remarks section.